Stone Finishes

  • raj_green_calibrated_sandstone_paving_slabs

    Calibrated – the charm of a natural surface on the top but smoothed on the underside to give it the same thickness all over. This makes it easier to lay. 

  • sagar_black_handcut_paving_slabs

    Hand cut – a textured surface that gives an interesting finish as the light reflects in different directions making subtle colour changes to the surface. The slightly uneven surface provides extra grip. No machine is used to cut the stone, so the hand finish stops it being so uniform.

  • kandla_grey_honed_sandstone_pving

    Honed – a smooth, flat finish with a slight sheen. It’s created by grinding and polishing the stone to give it a consistent texture and side. 

  • tan_brown_polished_granite_tiles

    Polished – a high-gloss finish created by using a polished head for a smooth surface. This finish enhances the natural colours and grains of the stone and makes the surface more reflective.

  • kandla_grey_riven_sandstone_paving

    Riven – great texture as the stone is split along the natural layers in the rock. The thickness may vary with this cut.

  • sawn_autumn_brown_sandstone_paving_slab

    Sawn – is created by ‘sawing’ the stone with a gang saw or block cutter. The result is an even, non-slip surface. This finish is available for mainly external stones, like patios, pathways, steps and driveways. 

  • tumbled_kandla_grey_riven_sandstone_paving

    Tumbled – a beautiful soft surface and gently textured edges. Created by putting the stone in a vibrating, drum-like machine with smaller, harder stones to rub them together. This stimulates ageing and gives an elegant, worn look. 

  • granite_silver_grey_paving_slabs

    Flamed – a rough textured surface that is created by heating the stone at a high temperature, leaving the stone with a naturally weathered finish. 

  • chiselled_edge_kotah_blue_limestone_paving_slabs

    Chiselled edge – A dressed and uneven edge that gives a finish which is rustic looking chiselled edges. 

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