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Specialising in premium quality natural stone paving slabs and split face wall cladding tiles, which are durable and the perfect material to give your home, garden, workspace, patio, driveway – or any other space – the perfect look.

Our range of natural stone products includes sandstone, limestone, granite and quartzite split face wall cladding. There is no comparison to natural paving stone and wall cladding as it contains unique natural features, giving you a creative look and feel that will enhance your space. Investing in natural stone is much more affordable than you may think.

We really want your experience with us to be simple and straightforward, whatever type and size of natural stone you need for your project.

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Frequently asked questions
about buying natural stone products online

Why are natural Sandstone and Limestone paving slabs a popular choice?

Both Sandstone and Limestone paving slabs & patio packs are a popular choice due to their durability, strength and appearance whether installed on your driveway, garden or patio. There is a range of colours and finishes to choose from which make them ideal for any external installation on a driveway, patio or garden.

Do natural Sandstone and Limestone paving slabs vary in colour?

Limestone tends to have more consistent colours like our Kotah Blue, Kotah Black and Tandur Yellow paving slabs. Sandstone paving slabs will vary in colour which gives them a unique, contemporary and stylish appearance because every slab will have a different shade, in particular our Raj Green, Rippon Rose, Fossil Mint, Golden Brown and Autumn Brown natural paving slabs and patio packs.
If important it is recommended to check how the appearance of Sandstone or Limestone paving slabs will look when wet because you will get a different outcome on the appearance of the stone.
Pictures on our website are illustrative only and may be affected by your computer resolution and the time of the day the photo was taken. Images shown include tiles from the same category but may not reflect the desired size for your project. Any samples sent to you will have variations in colour and tone because it is a natural product.

How many surface finishes are available in natural stone paving slabs, which is the best?

There are 3 very different surface finishes to choose from depending on the type of look you want. It does come down to personal preference, the desired outcome you are after and how it will blend in with your building.
Riven paving slabs will have a rough, uneven surface and are very popular due to their natural look. Our Kandla Grey, Raj Green, Fossil Mint, Autumn Brown & Golden Brown have become a choice of colour for customers, landscapers and builders. From our Limestone range, the Kotah Black and Kotah Blue are popular although the surface is less flat and smoother (riven).
Honed paving slabs surface will give a more satin and smooth surface making it a perfect choice for those after a consistent surface. The honing process of the paving slabs maintains the paving stones natural colours and tone variations like our Rippon Rose and Rainbow Sandstone paving.
Tumbled paving slabs are ideal if you are wanting an aged, weathered or vintage look and are very popular for Victorian houses and cottages although not limited to them. The tumbled paving slabs also come with a more uniform and curved finish on the edges. Our range includes Kandla Grey, Raj Green, Fossil Mint and Tandur Yellow paving slabs and patio packs.

Do Circle Paving Setts and Cobble Setts complement the design of a paving project?

Depending on the size of your paving project using Sandstone/Limestone circle paving or cobble sett’s will compliment your garden, driveway or patio area. Using these natural stone products break up your paving area, giving an additional feature to how the end finish will look. Cobble paving setts can be used to create a border to your paving slabs, circle paving setts will help break up the design of your installation area by creating a central point you can enjoy in your outdoor space.
Cobble setts are a preferred choice to use on driveways if you are wanting a natural look and where there will be heavy traffic, they are a great alternative option to block paving bricks.

Can Split Face wall cladding tiles be installed in an external environment like internal installation?

Split Face wall cladding tiles can be installed in any internal space of your home for example a feature wall in your lounge, kitchen or dining space. Split Face tiles aren’t suitable on walls where there’ll be prolonged periods of direct contact with water, such as shower enclosures, even if a sealer is used. However, they can be used in wet areas if the wall has been tanked and there is a lip/edge fix at the top of the tiles to prevent water from running down the back of the tiles.
For external walls providing, the Split Face wall cladding tiles must be back butted and have a lip or ledge fixing at the top of the tiled wall to prevent rainwater from running down the back and damaging the joints. Use a water-resistant adhesive to secure the tiles to the walls and use a stone sealer after installing.
If you’re using Split Face tiles around fireplaces, use a heat-resistant adhesive.
Our most popular range is the Ice Silver Grey Quartzite, White Quartzite, Oyster Riven, Black Sparkle Split Face mosaic wall cladding tiles and many more colours.

Why have Porcelain paving slabs become a popular choice for natural stone paving?

Porcelain slabs and patio packs have become a very popular choice for many individual customers, builders and landscapers because they are very versatile, durable, easy to install and maintain since it is water stain, frost and fade resistant with an R11 slip resistance rating.
Although this is not a natural product sourced from quarries it still gives an authentic look to natural stone paving slabs and requires very little ongoing care. Porcelain paving slabs do not need any requirement to be sealed and are moss & algae resistant. Installing porcelain paving to natural stone is down to personal choice or recommendation from a landscaper or builder.

Do natural paving slabs or Split Face wall cladding tiles need to be sealed?

Although it is not necessary to seal your natural paving stone it is certainly a discussion you need to have with your professional installer.
If you do decide to seal your natural paving stone it is recommended to do this once the efflorescence process has taken place once laid especially on the outdoor natural paving slabs and patio packs (once all the salt deposits reach the surface, this timeframe will differ and environment they are installed).
There are 2 particular sealers available on the market which depend on the result you are looking for? The first option is an invincible sealer to maintain the natural look or an enriched sealer to bring out vibrant colours to your natural paving slabs or wall cladding Split Face tiles.
For internal Split Face wall cladding tiles once again it is not necessary to seal the wall cladding tile’s although it may be appropriate to seal any external environment they are being installed.
Any sealing we recommend you discuss this with your professional installer on the suitability of sealing your natural paving stone because with any external paving slabs there are many reasons which could influence the decision to seal the paving slabs, especially on any outdoor installation for example staining from tree’s, wet leaves, bird droppings, pets, moss, algae build-up, spillages such as wine or barbecue residue and excess moisture from building up within natural stone that will also help to avoid frost damage from occurring.
Always test on a small sample area or off cut to ensure compatibility of any sealer before full-scale application.

I cannot find a product, Sandstone, Limestone, Porcelain, Split Face wall cladding tiles or the size I am looking for?

If you’ve tried searching your natural stone Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Split Face walling cladding tiles, Imperial bricks or any other product on our website send us a quick message at hello@welikestone.co.uk or call us on 01733 639004. Please include any information about your requirement needed. If we are out of stock we will try and give you an approximate lead time although this is not guaranteed due to Covid, driver shortages and port congestion.

What commitment do you give to your customers?

We are ethical, open and transparent in the way we do business and quality is never compromised over price. We are always available to answer any questions you have about your order, delivery or after-sales queries.

How do you deliver an amazing customer experience?

We aim to deliver an amazing customer experience no matter how small or large the order is. This is the foundation we have built our trustworthy business over many years. Our Google reviews speak for itself.

Please talk to us. If there is anything you would like to ask us, need more information, provide feedback or even make us smile.

Our friendly team can be reached Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 5.30pm and Saturdays, from 8.30am to 1pm.

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