Why do you classify your stones as premium quality?

All stone from different quarries are not necessarily the same quality when mined even if the colour is the same. There are many factors which differentiates the quality. At We Like Stone quality is never compromised by making sure we only buy from reputable partners worldwide where the quality is premium grade and consistent. We also ensure our partners have a robust quality control process in place and only supply those stone which pass those rigorous quality tests.

Why are your stones so competitively priced for the premium quality you supply?

Unlike many stones suppliers We Like Stone buy direct from the quarries and cut out the agents in the middle of the sourcing process which enables us to pass on those savings to our customers and provide a good customer experience at the same time when buying from us.

There are other website making claims which you do not, why?

At We Like Stone we do not try to mirror what other websites are claiming. Simple reason for this is because we do not need to since we have so much confidence in the products we supply. 

Why do you sell larger size split face tiles compared to some of your competitors?

Firstly, to give better look and finish on your featured wall. Secondly, certain suppliers sell 360x100mm where you would require 27.5 tiles to achieve 1m2 coverage. With the sizes we sell you would only need to 12 tiles (56% less) to cover 1m2 which would considerably reduce your labour cost.

Do you split crates for external paving stone?

Certainly we do because at We Like Stone we appreciate not all quantities in the crates we supply meet the requirements of our customer projects. Should you require a split crate or additional m2 please note there is a £20 processing charge to cover our cost for splitting the crate.

Do you split boxes for internal paving stone?

Unfortunately for any internal stones we do not provide this service and all orders will have to be rounded up either above or below to the nearest m2 you require.

What quantity to order?

We recommend all measurements are double checked to avoid delaying the project or incur any unnecessary deliver cost. A m2 calculator is provided on the website to help calculate the exact m2 required. However, we recommend ordering an additional 10% to cover for any cuts, breakages or to match colour variations.

Will the colour of the stone match the pictures on your website?

Unfortunately, not as these are natural products we try our best to represent the colours of our stone this cannot be guaranteed. All pictures on our website are for illustrative purpose only and may not necessary be the actual size of the tile. There are also other factors the colours on the pictures will depend on for example your computer resolution, time of the day and weather when the picture was captured or if a sealant is applied.

How to get good mix in colour and pattern variation?

With natural stone products you will find colour and pattern variations in the tiles due to the way the product is made. We recommend laying out your tiles before fixing to ensure you get a good mix of shades across the area.

What is the difference between sawn edge and chiselled edge?

Sawn edge is cut by machine giving a straight edge whereas chiselled edge is more dressed and uneven giving it more of a traditional look.

What is the difference between hand cut and calibrated?

Hand cut is where a block of paving is naturally split by a hammer and chisel giving it a thickness between 18-25mm. Calibrated is machine cut giving it an even thickness (22mm) like the selection from the honed range.

Do natural stone need to be sealed?

We recommend discussing this with your contractor. However, in order to maintain the longevity of your invest and to protect the stone from spillages, dirt, sunlight and any other factor which could contribute to soiling the stone using a sealer is recommend. Prior to application carefully read the manufacturers application guide.

What is the cut off time for next day delivery?

11am which then allows us to process the order and arrange transport.

What if some of the products look visibly damaged on delivery?

Sign the delivery note as damaged and notify us within 24 hours with photographic evidence.

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